Improving Your Football Skills

Here we have given few most popular football tricks and skills.These moves can give you advantage if you use them wisely. Every footballer is an unique player and have special move in them. Find some well known footballer who know for their attacking moves in this world.

The Cruyff  Turn

The Cruyff Turn

1. Face the opponent with the football, place your body slight a cross or shot.
2 After that drag the ball with you foot to behind the standing foot.
3. Turn and carry the ball before the opponent get in ready  position.


The Zidane Roulette/Maradona’s 360º Spin Move

The Zidane Roulette/Maradona’s 360º Spin Move

1. During dribbling the football get close to your opponent as hiding .

2.  With the light spin move ball from left to right and roll it back.

3. recollect the ball after turn your body from the back of, drag it to backward  and turn your body into 360 degree.



360 Spin

Shoulder feint
I intend to go in one direction, dropping one shoulder as if going in this direction.
Then quickly go in the other direction and wrong-foot marker. This is done best with his back to the opponent.
Originally popularized by Pelé, this measure is extremely popular in modern football and cleverly used by individuals such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Ronaldinho:


1.Fake move way beating your feet fully on the ball in that direction, but without touching the ball at any time.

2.Then push the ball to the opposite side and jump to his marker.

3.After decision-making



The Matthews Move

Named after one of the most influential strikers in football, Stanley Matthews, who was instrumental in the establishment of wing play as an essential part of attacking him. The relocation of Matthews is now a basic weapon of any arsenal striker:


1.Facing a defender, push the ball slightly forwards to your standing position.
2.Then immediately he film horizontally below the wing and, as in the opposite direction, use your speed to Waltz before him.
Move of Matthews


Nutmeg is the ultimate insult to an opponent and a fantastic thing, easy for beginners to learn:


Facing his opponent, let her set up to cover his attack.
So take advantage of the gap between your legs, to pass the ball through them and jump around your body.
The relocation of Puskás/V-motion
Associated with the famous Hungarian striker Ferenc Puskas, the v-motion is perfect for improve your dribbling and close control, then a great way to avoid the plates:


Then in possession of the ball, made the slider returns with your foot.
In the same motion, plays forward at 45 degrees (works especially well if your opponent dives to a tackle).
The Elastico/Flip Flap
Invented in late 1970 by Rivelino, Brazilian movement today is popularly associated with his compatriot Ronaldinho. The trick requires incredible speed and flexibility, don’t wait to pick it up quickly!

Flip Flap

Against an opponent, passing the ball to one side.
In the air, absorb the ball with the inside of your ball, takes the other way past his marker.


Sites about football training, skills and exercises 

Target to outside the 18-yard box

Drill 1st:Training of Brain (Good for control, awareness and decision-making)drill-one-brain-training-1__1373525997_112-196-16-_bcf1ff6c3df66063cb257b6062e0b16e

In this Coach A passes to either player A or B, Who should get on his toes, side-stepping left or right. If coach A passes to player B he should intercommunicate inspect coach B or C and see what percentage fingers they’re holding up. He should then flip back to educate A and shout the amount out before he receives the ball. Then, he should management the die the flip and strike it into one among the empty goals. Coaches B and C need to get on the move, shuffling aspect to aspect or pressuring the player from behind to simulate game conditions. The coaches also can block off one among the goals to cut back the player’s choices.”

               Drill 2nd: shoot Sharply (Help you in first touch, control and finishing)

drill-two-sharp-shooting__1373526063_112-196-16-99_6bd5a0dc8d1bf92be585e7e00b500b01 (1)

While playing Player A stands within the D and offers ball to the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper throws the ball at him at completely different speeds and heights. The player has 2 touches – one to manage the ball, one to end. The ball should be controlled within the D – if he fails to try and do this, the ball goes straight back to the goalkeeper. The player is allowed to do and end initial time ought to he want. you’ll be able to progress the drill by positioning servers on the byline and round the 18-yard-box. This simulates a match state of affairs wherever the ball drops to you on the sting of the penalty space – you don’t have abundant time and area to manage and end.

                  Final Drill: Not loss ball (Improve you control on ball and passing)


Using four cones, limit a part of ten x ten meters. Position a player on every of the cones. provides a ball to the players standing on cones A and C. to begin the drill, player A passes to player B and player C passes to player D. the 2 balls still move round the sq. in an exceedingly right-handed motion. every player has 2 touches, one to regulate, one to pass. once you’re receiving a pass, open your body out – this may assist you man oeuvre the ball round the cone so pass to your team-mate. Remember, all it takes is one poor bit or one poor pass and therefore the alternative ball can catch up with you.